:YOURS LOVES JOHN Snow Fall Stamping Plate

:YOURS LOVES JOHN Snow Fall Stamping Plate

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Snow Fall

We do not ever see John wearing sweaters. But probably he does, because the Snow Fall plate is inspired by by cosy festive knit sweaters. A great plate to set off the winter collection!

:YOURS Loves Winter Wonders

The winter 2018 stamping collection by :YOURS Cosmetics is a beautiful blend of designs. Three designers have given all their creativity for a collection with unique patterns suitable for all nails.

The designers that created the :YOURS Loves Winter Wonders collection are John C. Nguyen and debuting designer Tracey Lee.

John C. Nguyen

John C. Nguyen gained his first fame in the :YOURS Loves Summer Days collection, debuting with three stamping plates that are still popular today. He continued designing in his typical style, getting inspiration from everyday events.